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Teare- Rejection Affects by Princess-Moony Teare- Rejection Affects by Princess-Moony
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STORY TIMEEEEEE!!!!~~~~ *Fuck yea*
My head was pounding when I woke up. I opened my eyes, noticing quickly that one of my eyes were blinded. I couldn’t see through my right eye. I slowly sat up, feeling like someone had beat me with a metal pole. Maybe someone did. That’s just the kind of thing that I’m used to waking up to. I looked around, trying to access where I was. There was brown walls, one single light, a chandelier above my head, and a deep red bed that I was sitting on. Wait a second. I’m not wearing the same clothes . . . Instead of my red blouse and pencil skirt, I was a wear a nightgown of sorts, a deep green with brown trimming.
Who? What? For the first time, I was actual lost. Wow. After a minute of observing, I noticed how there was no window, but there was normal furniture, like a vanity and dresser, one closet, and a door. I assumed the door lead out side, so I tried to stand up to walk to it. But I found that my legs felt like lead. I couldn’t stand up. I tried again anyway, gaining success at standing. I tried to walk, but I only fell on the floor.
Of course, at that exact moment, the door opened, revealing a certain gray eyed with raven haired guy. He gently laughed, picking me up from the floor. “Put me down,” I gritted. He was holding me bridal style and as much as I hate it, I kind of liked it. “No,” He replied, putting me back on the bed. “You can’t walk.”
“How do you know?”
“You were on the floor. What else would you be doing, sniffing the carpet?”
“Yes,” I muttered, sulking. Ace chuckled and I slowly smiled.
“Where am I?” I asked after a moment.
“My place.”
“What? What about-”
“Your mission? You were ‘kidnapped’. I even left a nice little note.”
“What?!” I shrieked.
“I would say I’m kidding, but I’m not,” He told me. I paled, if that was possible, then sat up with impossible speed, only to be pushed back down by Ace. I struggled, almost winning against Ace, but he just pushed down harder on my shoulders. “Don’t make me sit on you,” He threatened, actually making me shiver slightly. I still struggled. “I warned you,” He said, sitting on my stomach, his hands still on my shoulders.
I made a “oomph” sound, falling back on the bed. “Get off me,” I hissed, glaring. He shook his head. “No. If I get up, you’re going to try to get up again. And if you do that, you will fall. If you fall, you will probably hurt yourself. Your body just wasted it’s energy rejecting your eye. Where would you go anyway?” He replied, looking for my logic.
“Mr. Hale . . . He swore to me once. He swore that if I messed up he would . . . He said he would kill my childhood friend,” I finally replied after a minute, staring off in the corner.
“Rowan Hale, you mean?”
I was shocked that he knew, but I wasn’t very surprised. How does he know everything. I just nodded.
“If I told you that he was safe, would you stay on the bed?” He offered. I slowly turned my head back to him. I thought for a moment, then nodded.
“He is safe. I swear,” He swore, moving off of me. I waited until he almost stood up to move. In one quick movement, I used my arms to push him back, also using him to help me stand up as fast as I could. At the same time, Ace somehow knew what I was going to do and caught my wrists, forcing me back on the bed, holding my wrists fast on either side of my head. He looked at me with this unreadable expression, and I only glared back. “Can’t you trust me?” He softly whispered.
I just looked the other way again. “I naturally trust no one.”
Ace didn’t move for a while after that. Eventually, I had to break the silence.
“Ace . . . ?” I started to ask. It’s time to stop beating around the bush.
“Yes?” He replied, his voice still incredibly soft. I looked at his all-too-close face, straight into his eyes with my one seeing eye.
“Why can’t I see with my right eye?” I finally asked, looking for answers in gray eyes. Ace avoided my eyes. This can’t be good.
“We tried to save your eye. We really did. But it . . .” he whispered.
“But it what?” I pushed.
“It turned black.”
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