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Gamzee had been hiding in the vents for three days when he found a small strange creature. It couldn't be a lusus, because it had black fur. There was no white anywhere on the creature. It had small, glowing green eyes and every now and then would mew.
Gamzee would honk softly in return.
It kept his mind busy for a few more days, wondering what this small creature was. Then, one day, as he was playing dolls, he finally just asked Nepeta.
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In the Shadows by Princess-Moony In the Shadows :iconprincess-moony:Princess-Moony 0 2
Frozen Hearth
Over and over again, they tell me.
"Just write!"
"It's because you need to write more!"
"Write, write, write!"
"You'll feel better!"
"It always makes you feel better!"
And if it doesn't this time?
What do I do then?
Just sit in my own puddle of tears,
Slowly drowning?
Over and over again, they tell me.
"You're just an emo punk."
"A dumb teenager."
"Someone who just whines and writes poetry."
"Whine, whine, whine."
"You'll get over it."
How do I know that?
That's right, I don't.
How can I write anything when everything that is created by me is so dumb?
It's emotional.
It's whiny.
It's stupid.
I understand!
But, what you apparently can't see,
Is it is just me.
And if me is who I'll be,
I'll have you know,
I'll still be free.
It's not my fault you've covered my lamppost with snow.
It's not my fault that the wires are frozen.
The fire glaciated and shattered.
How long will it take to melt?
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Charlotte and Lavin - Scars
"Lavin, if you're going to stalk me, at least help me out of this annoying thing," Charlotte complained loudly, looking over her shoulder.
Lavin appeared out of the shadows, barely unfazed that he had been caught. He sighed. "Well, couldn't just stare at you for a little while longer?"
Charlotte huffed, too tired to fight back. "Just help me undo the laces, would you? You've already invited yourself to my room!"
Lavin chuckled evilly. "You're so excited for me to take your clothes off, Heiress!"
Charlotte just groaned, but still held her hair out of the way for Lavin. Lavin took his time, slowly undoing each lace with extremely unneeded care. When he was halfway done, he stopped completely, finally deciding the silence was too much. "What did he say to you?" He finally said, resting his fingers against Charlotte's pale skin.
Charlotte shivered and shook her head. "It's nothing," she muttered. Her voice was uncharacteristically low and soft. There was no way he was letting her get away
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In the End, Together Forvever by Princess-Moony In the End, Together Forvever :iconprincess-moony:Princess-Moony 1 0 Let Me Heal Your Heart by Princess-Moony Let Me Heal Your Heart :iconprincess-moony:Princess-Moony 0 2
Happy Valentines
You know,
Today I read love poems.
There is a couple of two,
One speaks with an open heart
And the other hides it behind pretty words.
You think I would've loved them,
And even cheered up for once.
But I'm just left asking
"Why not us?"
It really is the same for us too,
With my locked heart,
And yours open.
I guess it isn't the same for us,
With our problems,
Both our hearts broken.
It was an accident, really.
I didn't mean to fix your heart with pieces of mine,
And you didn't mean to fix mine with pieces of yours.
It might not have been an accident,
But now we'll never know,
For the stitches have long since healed,
And somehow our hearts have grown.
I have writers block,
And you have a love sickness
Even though I swear it doesn't exist,
But it's hurting you and I can't stand it.
You are insane,
And so am I,
But when it comes down to it,
It's only you that can cry.
You are at war with yourself,
And I'm at war with you too,
But I'm on your side,
Not like you even knew.
But it is okay,
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A Rare Moment - Charlotte and Lavin
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It was really her fault. How could he just just jump in and claim her when she was acting like that? The stupid girl had no idea how beautiful she was, let alone how tempting.
She was such a flirt. She didn't even know that she was, to make matters worse...
Mal watched silently from the bar, casually drinking his little glass of red wine. Aurelia was chatting with some guy on the other side of the club, fully aware of Mal's eyes when he would stare at her. Not glance, but stare, eyes full of bloodlust and jealousy. She shouldn't be talking to that guy, that frat boy, while swaying her hips to the extremely loud music. She shouldn't be smiling or laughing so carelessly to someone other than Mal. It was against the rules. Aurelia was his, no one else's, and Mal didn't even want anyone else to think they had a chance.
By the time the next hour came around, Aurelia was dancing with the frat boy, attempting to hide from Mal's eyes in the middle of the dance floor. It didn't work of course
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I am a Distrubed Child... *Contest Piece* by Princess-Moony I am a Distrubed Child... *Contest Piece* :iconprincess-moony:Princess-Moony 1 6
Fallen Angel's Wings
I’m inside of a thin hallway, with walls closing in.
He’s at the end of the hallway, but I’m so far away.
I walk, carefully, towards him…
But there is bodies, broken dolls, littering the floor.
When I pass by them, they animate.
They try to grab me.
They tried to hold me away.
It’s not too hard.
I can get by easier than most.
Until I reach you.
I’m halfway to my Mark.
You managed to catch me, with your beautiful broken wings.
I know, I can’t fix them.
I tried.
You manage to let me expand my own wings.
I’m unsteady.
I’m not used to this.
I can’t feel the ground.
Not that I ever liked it, but . . .
It’s not there anymore.
You let me go.
I’m still not steady, but I have to move.
I flutter, my wings barely working.
What is this feeling?
I feel odd.
Maybe I can fix your wings…
I go back to you.
You gave me wings, so can’t I fix your’s?
You just smile sadly at me.
You don’t want your wings to be
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Prologue to Crystal Vengeance
Sitting on this huge throne makes me lonely.
I am the acting-queen.
Even though Mother and Father are dead, I will always be the acting-queen.
Because I refused to marry.
I refused to marry that old goat that asked for my hand.
I thought he was a bad choice to begin with, considering he was old enough to fall over dead at any moment.
Mother had even agreed.
But that night, as almost everyone was asleep, that old noble killed my parents.
I am lucky that the people loved the King and Queen.
Otherwise, that old fart would be king right now.
I am even luckier that the people like me over my brother.
I do not know how long this will last.
My brother is weak, but he has the anger far worse than a thousand enemies.
I love my brother, but for some reason, he hates me.
I wonder, why is brother not king right now?
He is nineteen.
I am only fifteen.
Why am I the one on this cold cushioned throne?
There are three thrones in the main hall of the castle. One with greenery and hard, squared st
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Hey, I can see you.
You can't see me, I know.
I'm watching you, right now.
But every time I fall asleep...
I'm not awake, I know.
I'm not sane, I know.
They all say I just need help.
But every time I fall asleep...
They have all told me to leave you alone.
I have tried. Really and truly.
But every time I fall asleep...
You can't deal with anything, you say.
You can't deal with me, you say.
But every time I fall asleep...
I can leave, you know.
I can grant your wishes and leave you with nothing.
But every time I fall asleep...
I guess, in the end, it doesn't matter.
Days will still come and go.
But every time I fall asleep...
I can't wake up anymore.
Every time I fall asleep, I'm right there.
Right there, next to you again.
But you'll forget.
Everything, everything left behind.
Just a blank state in which you can cope with.
You'll wake up, one day.
You'll get up and walk away.
But I'm still asleep.
Why can't I wake up?
Why am I still asleep?
Sleeping Beauty died long ago.
Fairytales are
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I am the Circus Monster by Princess-Moony I am the Circus Monster :iconprincess-moony:Princess-Moony 0 3 Lol No way! by Princess-Moony Lol No way! :iconprincess-moony:Princess-Moony 0 0
The Dark
When I look outside, the sky is grey.
I had never noticed when the darkness fell on my house.
But as I look up, I realize I'm sitting in the dark.
I shiver and get up. It had already been an hour since they called.
They were supposed to be here by now.
As I reach to turn off the light, I hear children's screams.
I jump up, instantly thinking that they are all dying and that I'm next.
Then I only laugh at myself.
There is no way that could be possible.
I look to the corners of my eyes.
The little white orbs block my view.
Where they here and I just missed them?
Could it be that I never saw them pull up?
Maybe they saw that I didn't see them and left.
But why would they do that?
I thought I heard my phone go off.
But my ring-tone is the sound of a rattlesnake.
When I checked it, I didn't have anything new.
I'm not Cleopatra.
I don't have rattlesnakes.
What was it that made that sound?
Oh, I forgot my clothes.
Hmm. They seem to be done…
I jump as I hear the door click.
Good, they're
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What Dream Was It? by rossel-inni What Dream Was It? :iconrossel-inni:rossel-inni 38 31 Lineart for Mermaid by ShyniMoonStar Lineart for Mermaid :iconshynimoonstar:ShyniMoonStar 143 27 Kiss-tutorial by Precia-T Kiss-tutorial :iconprecia-t:Precia-T 4,623 0 Galadriel Inspired Gown by Firefly-Path Galadriel Inspired Gown :iconfirefly-path:Firefly-Path 4,076 107 Robin Williams by alexiuss Robin Williams :iconalexiuss:alexiuss 9,248 973 Raven Princess by DaisyViktoria Raven Princess :icondaisyviktoria:DaisyViktoria 83 9 Snow and Ice - rococo/fantasy concept gown by giusynuno Snow and Ice - rococo/fantasy concept gown :icongiusynuno:giusynuno 106 33 Tomoyo Daidouji - CCS 2nd Movie by KrishCreate Tomoyo Daidouji - CCS 2nd Movie :iconkrishcreate:KrishCreate 8 1 Blue Unicorn Princess by DaisyViktoria Blue Unicorn Princess :icondaisyviktoria:DaisyViktoria 186 7 Tea by KazeHA Tea :iconkazeha:KazeHA 23 12 Just Let Go by Rythea Just Let Go :iconrythea:Rythea 61 22 Corsets can be so damn beautiful... by photonutz Corsets can be so damn beautiful... :iconphotonutz:photonutz 47 8 Usad`ba Chiornoe Derevo by Anhen Usad`ba Chiornoe Derevo :iconanhen:Anhen 41 4 Darkness Embrace by j-b0x Darkness Embrace :iconj-b0x:j-b0x 861 24 The Mirror by j-b0x The Mirror :iconj-b0x:j-b0x 632 23



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I'm dangerous. Meow.
Artist | Student | Literature
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I tend to be anti-social, even though I could talk your ears off. I also have alot of what I like to call "depression rants" so don't think I'm suicidal... 'Cause I am not. I'm really bad at editing bases, so I don't do very many anymore. Well, I can't use the single-pixel line because my hands are quite unstable. Double-pixel lines I can use without any trouble though, so if I find something with double-pixel lines, I sure do make a point to use it. I'm planning to become a writer, but I've had writer's block for a year. I can still write, yes, but I can't write constantly like I used to. In other words, none of my stories have been "updated" for a year, and the one I made a while back hasn't been updated in four weeks. But sometimes, in a moment of desperation, I can write some pretty amazing (other's words, not mine) stuff.
I'm also pretty good at debates. I love them. I wish someone could actually beat me in one. You know, make me see that I'm in the wrong? I can't remember the last time someone did that. I know I did it only last week, so it would be fun with someone who could do the same. It would be interesting, no?

Current Residence: The clouds, going to run away from human nature.
Favourite genre of music: Mixed... But I love Flyleaf and the Script. Holly Brook (Skylar Grey) relaxes me, she's pretty awesome too. Then there's the Pierces... and I know I'm forgetting some people here, but my mind went blank...
Favorite style of art: Oh, it's all wonderful.
Operating System: MSPaint
MP3 player of choice: Shuffle
Favourite cartoon character: Inuysha maybe... if that counts, since he isn't a cartoon exactly... Well, when I was little, Inuyasha was my cartoons. So yes, that awesome hunk. :P
Personal Quote: "Let not the royal bed of Denmark be
A couch for luxury and damned incest."
-Hamlet's father as the Ghost, The Tragedy of Hamlet
To this goddamn song

so what do I do? Spam my skype friends with it. Which equals like, three people. So if you have a skype, and want to be on my friendlist and possibly never
get a message from me, shoot me a message. You know you want to.
And if you really like the lack of conversations from me, ask for my tumblr, and you'll see me quietly reblog nothing but homestuck for hours.

also guys which is better?

I can't decide which to put as my icon...


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